As well as the simulated game we are in the enviable position of being able to provide coaching to shooting enthusiasts of all levels from complete novices to experienced seasoned shots.

We can tailor tuition to the level of the pupil and also the type of shooting they see themselves participating in the future. Individuals and groups can all be catered for.

Pupils can bring their own shotguns or we can supply one at an extra charge if required.


Picking up a shotgun for the first time can be a daunting experience but in  our hands you will be able to handle one in complete confidence and safety .

Through a structured series of lessons all aspects of shooting will be covered from handling, safety and how to approach the variety of different targets you may shoot at.

We want the pupil to feel confident in handling a shotgun and with what they are learning and so the the lessons will not be rushed.  Each discipline will be mastered with the appropriate technique including mounting, foot placement and tracking of targets  before moving onto the next discipline.

When the time comes, a close relationship with a local gunsmiths we can aid you in taking the next step in buying a suitable gun that you will enjoy shooting with for years to come.

Game shots

Game shots have the opportunity to the hone their skills with complete realism in one of our simulated game drives. With an eagle eyed tutor by your side you can take aim at high pheasants, testing partridge and low flying grouse from the grouse butts from a multitude of angles and you can see yourself improve with every lesson.

Even if you are an experienced shot many have not picked up a gun in the off season and so a few lessons to get the eye in before the new season could ensure you are on the track from your first shot.

An individual 1 hour lesson is £60 including all clays and cartridges.

Gun Hire is available