What is simulated game?

What better way to start a blog than to quickly explain what is simulated game and what unfolds throughout the day?

What we are doing is essentially combining the joy and excitement of a live game shoot with the affordability of clay pigeon shooting. We are replacing the natural birds and beaters with trailers and traps, positioned carefully out of the way so that you will never see the clay leaving the trap. We can accommodate complete novices through to the seasoned shot and entertain guest from all walks of life. We have a half and full day package. The half day is three drives and a competition with a small stop for elevenses. The full day is another two drives in the afternoon and a full bore lunch in the shoot lodge.

The day begins with the team arriving and being welcomed in the shooting lodge with some bacon rolls, tea and coffees. There will be a talk through with the team about what the day will entail and a safety briefing. One bonus of our days is photography taken from start to finish and so after the team have all of their shooting attire the obligatory team photo is taken.


Once the photo is done every bundles into Humphrey, our ever faithful gun bus!




We have a variety of drives on the farm to cater for every level of experience but can mix up the day with a variety of partridge, pheasant and grouse drives.





After a couple of drives its about time to rest the arms and let the guns cool down! An elevenses stop with homebrewed damson gin and produce from the farm will always hit the spot.





We would finish a half day with one more drive and competition but if you’re in for the full day it will be back to the lodge for lunch and then out in the afternoon for two more drives. It’s then back to the lodge for some prize giving and our handing out some momento shoot cards.

Game shooting is a fantastic group activity but it can’t be denied that it is an expensive past time. The beauty of simulated game is that is a lot more affordable added in with an unlimted supply of cartridges already in the price.  There is also a guarantee that whatever peg you pick for the day, it will not be a dud! Our clay traps are perfectly positioned to cover every gun with plenty of targets.

So now you know the score its time you should make a booking. We look forward to hearing from you !